Ubiquity Dice

Ubiquity Dice
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Ubiquity DiceSpecially designed for use with the Ubiquity Roleplaying System, Ubiquity dice dramatically improve your gaming experience.

Easier to use: Simply roll the appropriate number of Ubiquity dice and add up the total. No more rolling handfuls of dice and picking through them to count your successes. All the work has been done for you!

Roll fewer dice: Each Ubiquity die has a different value and is color-coded for easy identification. Instead of rolling six regular dice, you could roll two d3s, three d2s, or six d1s. You can mix and match Ubiquity dice any way you want as long as the total value remains the same!

Ubiquity dice are sold in tubes of nine dice. You get three d1s, d2s, and d3s in every tube.

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